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ST Imaging: Overview

ST Imaging is the industry leading manufacturer of all-digital Microfilm Scanners and Scannings. ST's ViewScan system can be found in large and small libraries across the nation and worldwide. ST ViewScan products are demand-based digitizing scanner for roll microfilm, microfiche, film slides, opaque card and micro card media. It allows staff and other film researchers to use a PC to view, scan, fax, e-mail, or print a microfilm image. Specifically designed for library user requirements, the ST Viewscan Series products bring secure network environment compatibility, ease of use, digital quality images, and new "digital" life to microform reference collections in libraries.

"The range includes full page scanning of newspaper pages on 35mm film, all standard microfiche reductions, opaque materials such as Micro Cards, and now the ability to view and capture from image reductions so high that they are categorized as Ultra Fiche (up to 87X optical capture, up to96X digital viewing). The ST ViewScan also sets a new level of capture speed (less than one second) while achieving stunning image quality on viewing and printing. Customers can also uniquely enjoy ease of use that allows them to print to paper or save to digital media without leaving the viewing mode or even opening any pc software to perform the tasks. No other digital or analog product offers these benefits."

How does the ST ViewScan differ from traditional reader printers?

All Canon, Minolta, Alos, Kodak, Indus and all other analog reader printer systems begin the image view and capture process the same way. They shine the light of a hot halogen light bulb through a series of interchangeable reduction lenses, Fresnel condenser lenses, large mirrors, and then they reflect it onto the back of a translucent viewing screen panel. The result is an image that at best only reflects the likely to be scratched condition of the film. It also may be dim, unevenly lit, and less in focus towards the outer edges of the viewing area. By using our all-digital image path technology to capture images directly from the surface of the film and present them onto the screen of the PC, these problems are eliminated. In addition, the image is digitally enhanced to invert negative images, remove dirt, brighten dingy backgrounds, and remove scratches, greatly improving both the viewing experience and the scanning quality. This digital image can then be faxed, e-mailed, copied, saved, or printed. In addition, film in the library's collection can be optionally viewed and searched by remote Internet access, using ST Image's patent pending Remote Film Access option. You can read more about adding Remote Film Access to any ST ViewScan system at the company website.

All Digital

ST ViewScanThe ST ViewScan® offers the newest and the best solution:

  • Intuitive WindowsT Desktop Application Look and Feel for ease of use (no confusing clutter of enigmatic icons)
  • The convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, capture and output
  • High-quality imaging with no pixilation while redrawing pages
  • Incomparable capture speed (300 dpi or more in 1/6th of a second)
  • Enhanced viewing that eliminates negative images, scratches and dust
  • Exclusive ViewScan® software that allows for:
    • Fast browsing
    • Digital and Optical zooming
    • Scissor CutT enhanced cropping and masking features
    • Auto Enhanced saving
    • At-a-Glance thumbnails of captured images
    • Easy and versatile file management
    • ICIRT (Immediate Captured Image Review)


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